giovedì 2 aprile 2009

study abroad in Tropea - experience of a lifetime

Sono Anna. Sono di Hurley, Wisconsin. Sono Americana. Mi piace leggo e rido e mangio e bevo vino bianco e mi piace giocare a tennis.

So, like I said, my name is Anna and I am originally from a small town in northern Wisconsin. I have now lived in Mankato for a year now and I really like it. I am a junior at MSU and am majoring in Women Studies and History :) I am so thankful for this opportunity to study abroad. I have always wanted to travel and this will be my first time out of the United States besides Canada. I am really looking forward to being there! 9 days from tomorrow :) I'm excited!

I has been so wonderful having Filomena! She has been so fun and a wonderful teacher! She has done a great job in preparing us for this journey. Again thank you so much for this opportunity! It will be the experience of a lifetime. :)

Ciao! -Anna

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