giovedì 2 aprile 2009

study abroad in italy with great teachers

Hi, My name is Marisa I'm from Coon Rapids, MN where my mom and dad still live. Coon Rapids is about 20 minutes from Minneapolis, so I go there as much as I can. Right now I am living in Mankato, MN for school. It is about an hour and a half from my home town.

My family includes my mom, dad, a little sister named Kelsie and a dog named Bailey. My sister lives with me in Mankato. We are very close, she is my best friend. I try to see my parents as much as possible, but it can be hard with school and work.

I enjoy reading, going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, meeting new people and just having a good time.

I am very excited to study abroad in Italy, I've wanted to travel there for a long time now so I was very happy to see the opportunity come up. I love learning the language, even if it is difficult for me at times since this is the only other language I am learning other than English. Filomena is a wonderful teacher, you can tell she loves to teach us and really wants us to learn. She's very helpful and a very fun and kind person. Even with the language barrier she manages to get her sense of humor through to all of us girls she's teaching. I can only imagine how wonderful the rest of the teachers at the Piccola Università Italiana are going to be and cannot wait to meet you all.

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