giovedì 19 febbraio 2009


Ciao~Sono Ashley. Sono di Renville, Minnesota. Sono Americana :)Sono le 23:18 a Giovedi (sorry, I don't know how to do the accents!) Mi piace faccio spese e rido e leggo e sorrido e pulisco. Io amo mi famiglia e amiche.

Time for a little english...Like I said, my name is Ashley. I am originally from a very small town in Minnesota called Renville, and am now living in Mankato where I am a junior at Minnesota State University studying mass communications and psychology. Like Maddie said, it is very very cold here in the winter, so I am too looking forward to getting away for a couple months. However, the snow is melting at a surprising rate for it only being February, so Filomena could have had a much colder experience. :)

I think I can speak for the other girls when I say we all love having Filomena here and having the chance to get to know her. She is an such a good teacher and makes our 2 hour and 50 minute class very fun. I think learning what she has been teaching us these past 5 weeks will be very helpful for when we arrive. I absolutely can't wait to come to Tropea, although I will miss my family, friends, and boyfriend a great deal, this will be an experience of a lifetime.Ciao!*Ashley

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