venerdì 6 febbraio 2009

greetings from america!

hello! my name is maddie, and i am a student at mnsu in mankato, minnesota. i am a sophomore and i study history. eventually, i would love to be a high school history teacher and coach cross country or track. i am very close with my family. i have four people in my family, including my mom, dad, and one brother, seth. i love spending time with them, my wonderful friends, and my boyfriend billy. I also enjoy reading biographies and watching movies. 

i am so excited to come visit tropea! i have been looking forward to this opportunity ever since i looked into it, and i just cant wait for this adventure to finally take place! i think this experience is going to be a blast!!! minnesota is cold this time of year, so heading to a warmer place will be so nice. 

well, thats a little about me. i will post again soon! see you :]

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